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March 28, 2013 6:32 am

SUGGESTION – shift the focus away from data and information towards using health IT to strengthen the RELATIONSHIP AND OUTCOMES between everyone on the care team – including patients and their care givers. The “r” in EMR should be “relationship” not “record”

Example: I both worked at and received my care at Group Health Cooperative (owned by its 620,000 patient/members)and we have had an EHR since 2005 and over 60% of all members use it to not only download data like labs but to stay connected to our care team via a patient portal, mobile apps, email etc combined with new roles on the health care team like 24/7 consulting nurses, and workflows that include the patient at the design stage vs after the fact (engagement)

The goal isn’t… more »

…data but tool that allows connection anytime anywhere to the health care team.

Many people discredit the group health mayo models because they are integrated systems (docs on salary and investments from health IT are kept in house vs going out the door to the insurance co’s) but this works in the “private” sector as well

PERSONAL EXAMPLE -After I left GHC I got my care via the University of Washington (uses the same EHR as Group Health) I once started to get sick a few hours before I had to fly out of town on a business trip. I called the after hours consulting nurse and she pulled up my records, authorized an RX that was sent to a national chain in Boston, when I arrived I picked it up, the next morning my doctor’s office nurse called me up to check on me. The entire event happened on the phone and online and took my needs and workflow into account and the tech enabled it.

DATA OR REFERENCES – Group Health Cooperative started their EHR implementation by giving patients access first to their clincial records and online services and is now one of the top 10 ranked health plans in the US and the top ranked in the region –

Critical to their success was using healthIT to identify other areas that needed to change and they also shifted to the medical home model in the last few years. “For every dollar Group Health invested, mostly to boost staffing, it recouped $1.50.”

CONCLUSION HealthIT wasn’t the sole solution but it was a critical foundational component to this change and the benefits are clear both in terms of quality, patient satisfaction and provider retention. It goes way beyond merely sharing information and data and is instead a core backbone of a health care system that meets the six pillars and 3 aims of a learning health care system of the future – foundational to that is patient centered design and care (vs after the fact consumer engagement) « less

March 28, 2013 11:05 am

Thank you for your comment, cascadia, and welcome to Planning Room. You can tell us more about how you think HealthIT can strengthen the relationships and outcomes between patients and their care teams here.

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