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What's Happening Now

April 11, 2013 9:03 am

As a family medicine physician who until recently was working for a large hospital system and has experience after going through three electronic health records I can endorse the issues that Ms.Sinsky so aptly puts forth. This problem is common to all enterprise electronic health records at this point in time.
The basic problem is that electronic health records have had two masters-the clinical part of the record which is important for patient care and the billing part of the record. Which one do you think has won out?
The other overriding issue is how physicians and systems are paid. Most systems are still paid on an RVUs/piecemeal basis. The dirty little secret is that electronic health records could be excellent at “not seeing patients” and taking care of populations. By this… more »

…I mean that they can be set up as a communication device to communicate with patients and take care of populations outside the office. However, in many if not most areas this is a losing proposition moneywise. « less
April 11, 2013 9:21 am

Welcome to Planning Room, christine.sinsky. Thank you for your comment. How can the federal government best encourage development of EHRs with improved usability for practices which have developed a team based model of care?

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